First Day of Class


I wake up at 4:30 AM and stare at the ceiling of my school bus which has been my dwelling for almost a month now.  It’s parked on the side of the road in the suburbs of Seattle so that I won’t get any tickets or undue attention.  Zac (my partner), and Mr. Tickles (the cat), and I have gone on an epic journey in this school bus named Odysseus.  We’ve crossed every major mountain range in the United States.  I learned how to drive a manual.  Friends and family made for welcoming pit stops along the way and we drank in the beauty of nature.  Odysseus is starting to feel like home and that thought scares me a little bit.  Although I know that I have an application submitted for an apartment, for the moment I am technically….. homeless. The thoughts of how the day would play out streamed in my head like some dramatic Netflix show.  Will they pile on an overwhelming amount of work right away?  Will the Adies be friendly?  Will I find out if I will be sleeping under a roof soon?  Will I fall asleep because I’ve gotten up so ungodly early? After the usual scrambling around in the morning, Zac fought his way through traffic and navigates to the Ada Developers Academy Headquarters.  Stepping out of the car, I realize that I desperately need caffeine.  The Starbucks had a line out of the door, but the Cafe Migliore in the financial building where the headquarters is located looks inviting.  With my coffee in hand, I head to the elevator to the tenth floor.  Inside the doors is my cohort.  I’ve never met a lovelier group of people.  Everyone is a new story with unique experience.  Everyone feels as I feel: apprehensive, excited, ready.  Introductions are made and we go through our first day in class.  Near lunch time, I get a text letting me know that my apartment lease is ready to sign.  Success.

As I lay down on my air mattress in the bus for a final time, the buzzing and whirring of vehicles passing on the highway was a comfort, because I know that tomorrow is a new day and opportunity is knocking.

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