Nerding During Tutorials at PyCon

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I arrived in Cleveland early in the morning… much earlier than I’m used to being awake.  After a coffee, I walked around downtown and enjoyed the scenery of Terminal Tower and the sculptures that adorn the city.

Fountain of Eternal Life in Cleveland, OH

Fountain of Eternal life in Cleveland, OH

This is my first PyCon, so I didn’t know what to expect.  When I arrived at the conference center, the booths were organized and I was easily able to find my badge at the registration desk.  As I continued down the escalator, I noticed that the conference center was deceptively large. It turns out that much of the building is located underground.  The pamphlet that I received from the information desk, the Guide app, as well as the many people on staff at PyCon made it easy to get around and find the locations of the tutorials.  

Roxanne being NerdyMy first tutorial was from Buck Woody of Microsoft and was entitled “The Team Data Science Process with Python”.  Data science is one field that I’m interested in pursuing. The Team Data Science Process (TDSP)  is broken down into its parts and we performed the tutorial with Jupyter notebook in Azure notebook. You can find the full tutorial here.

Another useful tutorial taught me a different way to make a slack app with using Python SlackClient and Python Events API Adapter.  The Slack API is http-rpc. We start by getting our virtual environment set up with all of the dependencies. Slack requires event requests be delivered over SSL.  We use NGROK to run a tunnel in order to get a https url.

Another phenomenal tutorial was “The Five Kinds of Python Functions” by Steven Lott.  This talk reminded me of some of the reasons that I love Python. Python makes writing functions simple and readable.  You can make generators that do work for you. Type hints exist! Functions are objects (you can pass them into functions).  I’d recommend watching this talk. I found an older version here.


Terminal Tower in Cleveland, OH

Terminal Tower, Cleveland, OH

I had a great first day at PyCon and will definitely attend the tutorials again the next time that I go.