Getting the First Full Time Software Engineer Position

Career Development

After a truly memorable experience at my internship, I am proud to say that I’ve gotten a position at Tableau.  I started on Monday and I couldn’t be happier.

Rewind three months…

In my internship I was applying for jobs, my team didn’t have headcount for me, but that was okay because I was in tip top shape for interviewing because of the study group that I was attending each week, HackerRank, Leetcode, and Cracking the Coding Interview.  I had just attended the PyCon job fair, so I had some contacts already.  In addition to this, there were PuPPy (my local Python group) community job postings and Ada Developers Academy also had some leads.

Time to Start the Applications

After gathering my leads, I put in the applications that I could and proceeded to make contacts in the companies that I was interested in.  There were many coffee talks and I even got a few referrals.  I talked to EVERYONE.  I talked to people for advice and leads.  If people who have been in the industry are willing to give me useful advice, I want to talk to them.

Setting up Interviews

I assessed the process of each company and made an educated guess for the timeline of an offer.  Recruiters will be helpful with this, but are not always 100% honest.  Go to GlassDoor and do your research.

I wasn’t getting called back as much as I wanted.  I was getting discouraged and was checking my email every five minutes.  Every time that I got a rejection that bothered me, I applied for ten more jobs.

When setting up onsites, I tried to get the companies that took longer to go a bit quicker and vice versa for the fast moving companies.  There was one week when I had 6 interviews.


I ended up with three offers and it was a tough decision, but I did have criteria for what I wanted.

  1. A supportive team
  2. A manager that wants me to grow as a software engineer
  3. Work that is interesting to me
  4. Fair compensation

I did a fair bit of negotiating.  After much deliberation, I decided that the team at Tableau is where I wanted to be.  Earlier I said that my team didn’t have headcount.  This was correct.  The team that I’m currently on is a different team.  What really struck me was that the manager was kind, honest, and interested in my career development.  It’s only been a week, but I’m happy.  I hope this job continues to surprise me and help me grow.

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